Through the democratization of medical
grade micronutrition.

“Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow”

Linus Pauling, two-times Nobel Prize winner (chemistry and peace) and father of orthomolecular nutrition.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)

Discover myNUMEA, our
solution in micronutrition

Discover another way to take care of yourself. Make your supplementation simple and safe on a daily basis and benefit from a tailor-made program established by our health professionals, experts in micronutrition.

Our vision

Create a future where people enhance their health condition through precise-micronutrition. We want to provide the exact micronutrients our bodies need to function optimally, to prevent health disorders and diseases due to imbalanced diet and lifestyle, and to improve health capital and performance.

Our mission

Linkednutri’s ambition is to provide the most advanced and personalized micronutritional assistance, based on the latest scientific advancements in the fields of medical nutrition, artificial intelligence, internet of things and dispensing technologies.

Our values

Our values


A new nutrition path powered by innovations can improve our health and life conditions.


We develop user-friendly solutions, supporting you in achieving your health objectives and performances.


We create an environment where people can be as they are and find solutions best suited to them.


We are open and proud of our beliefs and the choices that we make, and this is clear in the solutions we offer.


Our first responsibility is safeguarding your health and wellness while preserving our environment.

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The site is the property of Linkednutri S.A.S and is subject to French Law.

Last update: 12 th October 2020

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The site is the property of Linkednutri S.A.S and is subject to French Law.

Last update: 12 th October 2020

Join Linkednutri and apply

What we offer:

- A personal study plan to support your academic/career development within your areas of interest (research project, international conferences, potential collaborations, internal trainings)

- Annual salary in accordance with the MSCA IF program (45000-50000€) and all

of Linkednutri’s employee benefits (travel reimbursement, health (insurance, etc.)

- Extensible permanent position (CDI contract) after the IF program (2-year contract) depending on your involvement and your will to pursue this adventure with Linkednutri


Who can apply:

- Ph.D in science, or at least 4 years of full time research experience

- Good knowledge in one of the following scientific fields: Microfluidics / Robotics /

Biochemistry/Big Data / IOT /Medical Nutrition /Clinical Trials or a related area

- Must not have lived in France for more than 36 months in the last 5 years.


When to start:

​- Contact Linkednutri to set up the project : April-May

- Application deadline: September

- Evaluation results: February (Y+1)

- Project initiation: March-May (Y+1)

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Join Linkednutri and apply

Vous bénéficiez : 

- Un plan d'étude personnel pour accompagner votre développement académique / professionnel dans vos domaines d'intérêt (projets de recherche, conférences internationales, collaborations potentielles, formations internes)

- Salaire annuel selon le programme MSCA IF (45000-50000 €) et tous les avantages sociaux de Linkednutri (remboursement de transport, assurance santé, etc.)

- Contrat CDI à pouvoir après le programme IF (contrat CDD 2 ans) en fonction de votre implication et de votre volonté de poursuivre cette aventure avec Linkednutri

Candidature éligible :

- Doctorat en sciences ou avoir au moins 4 ans d'expérience en recherche à temps plein

- Bonnes connaissances dans l'un des domaines scientifiques suivants: Microfluidique / Robotique /Biochimie / Big Data / IOT / Nutrition médicale / Essais cliniques ou dans un domaine relatif

- N'avoir pas vécu en France plus de 36 mois au cours des 5 dernières années

Quand commencer :

- Contactez Linkednutri pour sujet discussion : Avril-Mai

- Date limite de candidature : Fin Aout

- Publication de l'évaluation : Février (N+1)

- Lancement du projet : Mars-Juin (N+1)

Bienvenue parmi nous !

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