About us

We are a team of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers who have collectively created more than 10 innovative start-ups in the past 7 years. During these projects, we progressively branched out from micro-fluidics, to health applications and digital technologies.

We are currently collaborating with the most prestigious health professionals and French research institutes in the fields of nutrition and artificial intelligence to create the most advanced nutritional system on the market.


scientists and engineers


health applications and digital technologies

Health professionals

And French research institutes in the fields of nutrition and artificial intelligence

"Thinking nutrition in a simply unique way"

Our mission

Our mission is based on 2 basic beliefs:

We are all unique

Would it be because of our genome, our history, our environment or even our beliefs and this diversity is an asset for humanity.

Health is the greatest gift we can receive
And we have to take care of it every day of our life.

Therefore, our mission is very simple: to design personalized solutions for living better and longer.

Our values

LINKEDNUTRI is built around these common values.


New technologies, if appropriately used, are the key to a brighter and healthier future.


It is important to respect our commitments.


It is necessary to assume openness about who we are and the decisions we make.


Respecting the needs and qualities of all people and protecting our planet.


Using our knowledge, skills, resources and creativity in the most optimal way for turning amazing ideas into an everyday reality.


83 avenue Philippe Auguste
75011 Paris, France

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